Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready to drop the flag

Gotta love the bow tie the pit men are wearing


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, dont know much about blogs but I hope you get this. Max at the taranaki historic site forwarded me your site address. Great job, mate, some super photos there and a lot of history. You may be able to help me. I am collecting material for an article on a New Zealand rider who raced in the states in the twenties. His name was spencer statton and he first came to the states in 1924 but I dont know where he raced but i would have guessed california. he was a mate of sprouts elder andd paul andeson who just two of many americans who raced in austraia where spencer did most of his riding. He may have made another trip to the US in 25 as there is a gap we cant account for. He made another trip in 26 to Springfielsd where he was a memer of the Indian works team that raced at altoona rockingham and fresno. He may also have raced there in the thirties too. He went to the uk to ride in 28 when speedway started there. Anyway if you ever come across his name in old progs or papers i would love to hear from you and in the meantime, well done!! dave gifford

Chico said...

This is a great blog.
i really enjoy coming over here and reading,and looking at all the wondefull photos.

you are doing very good job with this.
i look forward to more late night visits to this blog.


timbo said...

My grandfather raced open cockpit midgets (actually scale sized cars) at Emeryville. I have some pictures of him in the car, with tie flying in the wind and all. I am doing some research to see if I can locate his car so I would love to correspond in more detail.

Greg Prosmushkin said...

Love checking out old vintage photos and your blog definitely does a great job celebrating them. I look forward to checking out your next post. Thanks for the share, keep it up!
Greg Prosmushkin

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